Subscription Training Program

Unlimited Live, Online & Virtual Training Subscription For Gold Class® Shops

The training subscription helps protect shops from turnover costs while building bench strength by providing training for all technicians and shop employees at no additional charge. The training includes all live, virtual and online courses, with the exception of Hands-On Skills Development or Welding Training and Certification courses. Using our subscription model makes managing budgets easier and the online payment system simplifies your financial transactions, while encouraging real-time training. This benefit is available to all Gold Class shops. If you are pursuing Gold Class, stay on track with your training to achieve Gold Class status and take advantage of the training subscription benefits.

Subscription Benefits

  • Helps shops maintain their Gold Class designation by making it easier for them to manage and plan their training expenses
  • Offers unlimited live, online and virtual training to all shop employees, regardless of their role 
  • Helps shops lower their training costs due to technician turnover
  • Provides the ability to train front office staff about collision repair basics via Intro Series courses
  • Includes Repairability Technical Support® (RTS) and Ask I-CAR™ services as a part of Gold Class benefits

Please contact your assigned I-CAR Customer Care Representative if you have any additional questions.

Subscription Calculator

What's your estimated subscription price? Use this handy calculator to estimate your monthly training cost .

Please note that the amount displayed is not a guaranteed price.


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Estimated Monthly Cost for ALL Gold Class Shop Employees to Train

A La Carte Pricing

Any shop can purchase training a la carte for any I-CAR live, online, and virtual training.

A la carte pricing is standard for non-Gold Class shops and 20% off standard for Gold Class shops and Platinum Individuals.

Important to note that the a la carte pricing model doesn't include turnover protection, which could result in additional training expenses for new hires because previously purchased courses may have been assigned to a technician who left the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if the subscription model is right for my shop?

The training subscription option is available for all Gold Class shops and offers a wide variety of benefits, including unlimited access to all live, virtual and online courses, as well as Repairability Technical Support (RTS) and Ask I-CAR services. If you want a well-trained shop with monthly or annual payment options, regardless of shop turnover or employee roles, then the subscription is right for you. If you choose not to adopt the subscription, a la carte pricing remains available for all shops.

How are the training subscription costs calculated?
Annual training subscriptions, available only to Gold Class shops, can be broken down into a per-shop fee and a per-worker fee assessed for each estimator, refinisher, non-structural technician and structural technician at a shop.
The per-shop fee is $1,000 regardless of shop size; however, this fee is applied per location. The annual per-shop fee for an MSO with five locations, for example, is $5,000. The per-worker fee of $325 is applied for each shop employee working as an estimator, refinisher, non-structural technician or structural technician—regardless of whether the employee is a designated role rep for one of these four Gold Class roles.
Gold Class shops on a subscription plan pay nothing extra for training for managers, mechanics, apprentices, porters, front office staff, and all other employees who are not designated a role rep for the shop.
Take a look at two examples below.
Subscription for Single Shop with 3 Technicians: $192 Monthly Cost/$2,300 Total Annual Cost
Since role reps in four knowledge areas are required to meet Gold Class requirements, one of the three technicians at this example shop will need to fulfill two roles. Typically, one technician would serve as both the Non-Structural and Structural role rep and complete training for both roles, however, which two roles are combined is a business decision.
In this example, the $325 fee is applied for each of the four required role reps, totaling $1,300. The second part of the subscription cost is the standard $1,000 per shop fee. 
Subscription for Single Shop with 9 Technicians: $327 Monthly Cost/$3,925 Annual Cost
This is an example and not the only way a Gold Shop might operate if it had nine technicians.
The $325 fee for each estimator, refinisher, non-structural technician and structural technician in this example shop are applied as follows: $650 for two Estimators, $975 for three Non-Structural reps, $650 for two Structural reps, and $650 for two Refinish reps. Combined fees for all estimators, refinishers, non-structural technicians and structural technicians working at this shop total $2,925. The second part of the subscription cost is the standard $1,000 per shop fee.
How do I know if I am eligible for the training subscription program?
The training subscription program is available to all Gold Class shops. Shops that are not Gold Class can become eligible for the program once they meet the necessary Gold Class requirements.
How do I sign up for the subscription?
Please contact your assigned I-CAR Customer Care representative or call 800.ICAR.USA (422.7872) if you would like to sign up for the training subscription or have any questions.
What is an average annual cost for the a la carte training vs subscription?
For the average Gold Class shop with nine technicians, the a la carte monthly training cost is $407. Subscription pricing for the same shop is just $327, which is about a 20% savings on training.
Please note, subscription pricing is only available for Gold Class shops.