I-CAR’s Platinum™ recognition program provides you with ongoing, relevant training to gain and maintain knowledge for your role. When you train to be Platinum, you’re improving your job performance, expanding your career development opportunities and contributing to the achievement of shop objectives by performing complete, safe and quality repairs. With many new vehicle introductions or redesigns planned for the next few years, you can feel good knowing you’re keeping up with the latest vehicle technology.

Core Curriculum Update

To maximize time spent training, courses will be refreshed to keep up with current and future repair methods. As a result, more courses will be introduced, but will generally take less time to complete and will be delivered to you in ways that strengthen learning effectiveness and efficiency–all leading to a better learning experience that is more interactive and optimized for industry advancements as well as your role at the shop.

New Platinum Training Requirements

There are three levels of training, referred to as ProLevel® 1, ProLevel 2 and ProLevel 3. When the enhanced program launches, Platinum recognition will be achieved when ProLevel 3 is completed for collision repair technicians. Platinum status is maintained with the completion of required Annual Training courses for each year of renewal.


Renewal Timeframe for Current Platinum Individuals

Platinum technicians who are active by October 1, 2019 will have up to two calendar years, from their 2020 renewal, depending on their current level of training, to achieve the increased requirements, with progress milestone goals achieved throughout this period.

The ProLevel knowledge and skills gaps are the bridges of information and training required between the current and future Platinum ProLevel requirements.


Mobile App Learning Platform

Use the Go.Learn app to access learning plans, course enrollments and to complete posttests for virtual and live courses.

Course Transfer

Building on the latest knowledge and skills needed in the collision repair industry, current course requirements for role representatives will transfer to future requirements. 

Industry Training Alliance® Credit

I-CAR's Training Alliance recognizes training through approved providers to reduce training redundancy. Once course completion is submitted by the Industry Training Provider, it is automatically applied to the student's record at no additional cost to the student or the shop. The elimination of fees is due to I-CAR's Sustaining Partner program.