The Technical Tsunami™ transforming our industry demands more than training courses aligned to meet the complex repair needs of today’s advanced vehicles. It requires robust training solutions, beginning with a complete enhancement of our Professional Development Program™ (PDP) courses, as well as retooling everything from curriculum to delivery and from accessibility to pricing – all designed with the goal of learning excellence.

I-CAR® has the industry to thank for the candid and continuous input guiding these enhancements – more than five years in the making! As the industry standard in training for nearly 40 years, take confidence in knowing that I-CAR’s curriculum, program and service technology enhancements are designed to support your organization – and the industry – through this extraordinary era of change, ensuring your shop’s ability to thrive in the months and years ahead.

All-New Courses

From Rivet Bonding to Brake System Electronics Operation and Damage Analysis to Capturing Quality Photos, and Blueprinting for the Non-Structural Technician to Full Frame/Unitized Structure Pulling Strategy and Planning, you can choose from 275+ NEW AND UPDATED COURSES to tackle the most complex vehicle repairs impacting your business.

Additionally, we have a number of ways we deliver courses:


Live courses will offer greater opportunities for:

Immediate Validation

Instructor and Student Interaction

Welding Training & Certification™

Hands-On Skills Development™


Making training as convenient as possible allows more technicians to prioritize training in their busy schedules. Online classes will feature:

More Interactivity

Shorter Course Duration

New Look and Feel

Improved Overall Experience


Virtual classes will include:

Smaller Class Sizes for more Interactivity

Shorter Duration

New Look and Feel

Improved Delivery Tool

I-CAR Virtual Studio


Most of the required I-CAR online courses will be available in Spanish, offering great opportunities to engage more technicians in training!

More Training Locations

I-CAR is now offering courses at 450+ I-CAR OFFICIAL TRAINING SITES throughout the nation, through a consistent schedule of year-round classes, providing more accessibility and the ability to plan training needs in advance. New locations continue to be added, especially in rural areas.

Industry Training Alliance

To improve connectivity of I-CAR training to the Inter-Industry, the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance program is also noting some enhancements. Students who take approved Training Alliance courses are no longer required to submit a form or processing fee to receive credit on their I-CAR training record. The Training Alliance credit can be submitted automatically by the training provider and the fee was eliminated.

Industry Knowledge and Skills Protocol

It’s our biggest curriculum enhancement yet, and integrates ongoing, continuous feedback from the industry, including technical subject matter expertise. Accordingly, I-CAR’s Professional Development Program is designed to establish clarity on the requisite terminal and enabling learning objectives, documented as knowledge and skills, to achieve such repairs, as defined by industry stakeholders in cooperation with I-CAR.

Welding Training & Certification

Incomplete or incorrect welds on structural repairs can lead to compromised structural integrity, and ultimately, decreased occupant safety. Additionally, the avalanche of mixed materials and new vehicle technologies requires an increased commitment to welding training and certification. To maintain up-to-date skills and knowledge, WELDING CERTIFICATION RENEWAL PERIODS WILL OCCUR EVERY THREE YEARS, versus five, with three welding recertification courses available.